Monday, August 18, 2008

Don't Get Smart "Mrs Mean"

In reviewing all the fine equine athletes that made up the Sheldon Wolfe Racing Stable. We cannot complete this blog without doing a posting for "Don't Get Smart". I have to laugh when I read her name. Being a huge fan of Don Adams and his award winning situation comedy show "Get Smart". A T.V. show named "Don't Get Smart" would have been a spoof of a spoof. I am sure that Don Adams would have enjoyed to watch Don't Get Smart race though. In real life Don Adams was a huge fan of the sport of Kings. Don't Get Smart was as honest a race mare as they come. I know Don would have enjoyed cashing a few tickets on her.

Don't Get Smart had two nick names in the barn. Dianne A. who enjoyed being her race groom. Simply called her "Smarty". However I had another nick name that I though suited her well. It was "Mrs Mean". Don't Get Smart wasn't really a mean or vicious horse. However she always had that kind of crabby and don't bug me attitude. That's how I came to call her that. Of course the nick name meant, that I had the highest regard and respect for her. Don't Get Smart was a very talented and serious racehorse in her own right.

I did compare her to "Hopenscope". In fact Don't Get Smart was like a female version of the Bull. For Don't Get Smart had very good natural speed. So she was very effective in sprint races. Also she was able to conserve that speed, so she was also effective running a distance of ground. To Mrs. Mean's way of thinking, "just put her in a race, and she would take care of business". Don't Get Smart loved to compete and she loved to win races. And we all loved her.