Sunday, June 2, 2013

My Dad Sheldon Wolfe

With sadness I have to announce the passing of my father Sheldon Wolfe. Who succumb to the effects of pneumonia. On Wednesday May 29. My dad was 91 years of age.

My dad has fought a valiant battle to stay alive. After suffering a severe stroke. In early December 2002.

My brother and I are very fortunate to have been brought into this world. Also constantly supported by. Two fine and decent people (our parents). Who have given my brother and I. The great opportunity to enjoy our lives.

What an exciting a great life it has been. Which includes; Growing up on a beautiful farm in Maple, Ontario in the 1960's. Being involved in the Thoroughbred Horse Racing Industry. That provided us with genuine happy moments. That most people can only dream about every having and enjoying in there lives. Living in a conformable home for all my years. Also personally for me. The chance to travel and enjoy. Some of the exotic and beautiful places located on our planet "Earth".

One of my dad's greatest qualities was his humor. My father would always take delight in making people laugh. His presentation to deliver a joke or one liner was high quality. I always enjoyed my dad's humor. I often refereed to my father. "As the Henny Youngman of the racetrack". It will be a lasting memory for me. Also for all of the people who got to know Sheldon Wolfe.

I will finish this post. With a short funny story. That my dad use to enjoy to tell. "The Horse Trainer's Test".
"They would begin the test by putting 12 sanitized marbles in your mouth. Then they would start asking you various questions. When a question was answered correctly. You were allowed to split out one of the marbles. When you lost all of your marbles! Then were giving your horse trainer's licence."

My dad use to enjoy to quote the great comic Milton Berle "Always leave them laughing".

Thanks for a great life dad. You gave us all a very fun ride!

My brother John recently discovered a hat drawing that my dad drew on Friday June 20th 1997. My enjoying dinner at a Swiss Chalet location in Brampton. Drawing hats was a favorite hobby of his!