Monday, January 28, 2013

Charlotte Wolfe

My mom's racing commission license from New Hampshire 1973.

Sadly my wonderful mother Charlotte Wolfe. Passed away suddenly of an apparent heart attack on the early evening of January 11. A huge loss to the Wolfe Family as we lost our family leader. Like any amazing woman. My mom was the heart and soul of our family. My mother's heath had been in decline after she suffered a broken hip. Due to a slip and fall accident she suffered 8 years ago.

Like always my mother handled adversity with bravery and class. Her determination to survive her serious injury was unrelenting. You see my mom survived two failed operations to try and repair her broken hip. Then she found herself in 2005 at Sunnybrook Hospital. Awaiting open heart surgery. To repair a blockage in her heart. So a another attempt could be made to repair a failed hip replacement operation.

I visibly remember going to see my mother after my mom survived the heart operation. My mother looked great and was now ready for her hip to finally be repaired. However there was a new challenge to overcome as Sunnybrooke Hospital wanted to send my mother back to the Brampton Hospital. To allow the Brampton Surgeon to revive her failed hip replacement.

My mother wanted no part of going back to be treated by the Brampton Hospital again. How could you blame her. Two failed operations at Brampton Hospital. Plus my mom was quickly discharged from the Brampton Hospital with a irregular heartbeat, after the hip replacement operation had failed! There was no way she was going back to Brampton for any further medical treatment.

Great family friend Saul M. and yours truly appealed to the upper management of Sunnybroook. To not send my mother back to Brampton Hospital for further medical treatment on her bad hip. But instead to allow the Sunnybrook Hospital hip and pelvic specialist Dr. Hans Kreader. To treat and revised my mom's failed hip replacement. A very fond memory. When a very down to earth and friendly Dr. Kreader walked into my mom's room. And said directly to her. "Don't worry Mrs. Wolfe. I will fix up your hip for you. And you will be able to walk again". Tears of joy! Just rolled down the face of my mom and I. As Dr. Kreader left her room. Dr. Kreader is a man of his word. As Dr. Kreader successfully repaired my mother's hip. So she was able to walk and continued to live her life. Until it sadly ended on January 11, 2013. I will always have fond memories for the great people who fought for my mother. So she could survive and we got to enjoy her for the last 8 years.

My mother got to enjoy a special life. And thankfully I got to be a part of it. A hard working, kind and loving person her whole life. I was very lucky and proud to be her son. My mother who loved to work, to make good things happen. Who loved to be a mother, and was always a source of inspiration. As she fit the part of a real good role model as a fine person.

My mom was originally a city girl. Who had no experience and actually had a fear of animals. When she married my father Sheldon Wolfe in 1958. My dad's plan was to take a shot to be a Thoroughbred Horse Trainer. My mom was excited about her new life with her husband Sheldon and her two sons, John and Donny. But was she up to the task of handling and looking after horses. Well my mom quickly excelled at her new life. As she just loved all of the animals that would become a part of our lives. All the cats, dogs and the horses. My mom quickly became a accomplished horse woman. My mom looked after and ran "Woodglen Farm" for the 8 years we enjoyed living in the country in Maple. My mother also became barn manager for 24 of my dad's 30 year training career. My mom always made sure we did our best to look after the horses. My mom just loved being involved in the racing business. We never got rich. But we got to live a special life. Also created some rich memories to always enjoy!

My mom loved and supported her family. All the way to end of her life. My mother was always unselfish. Who always put the well being of her husband and her two sons. Ahead of her own. I as a loving son. Never stopped fighting for her. My mom never had to leave her home and move into a nursing facility. She did walk and make it up to her bedroom. Where she sadly passed away. But I am such a lucky guy to have enjoyed the life. Of such of a great and rare lady to be my mom!

The top picture is my mother in 1963. With our first broodmare "Esteemed". You can easily see how much she loved being a horsewoman!

The bottom pictures are; Truth Of It All winning the prep for the "Ohio Derby" in 1993. Then the great thrill of winning our first ever race at historic "Churchill Downs" with our fine race mare "Dance For Lucy" winning the first division of the "Cardinal" stakes race.