Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Racing "Hall of Fame" Puzzle

This post is a story of pure nostalgia. Of course it concerns my life and my family. Being a part of a horse racing mad family. Also meant being a fan of the "Sport of Kings". This included being very interested in the history of the great equine stars of the past.

In 1970 my Dad purchased and brought home a "Springbok" jigsaw puzzle in the round. Featuring some of the great Thoroughbred Race Horses of all time. That have been inducted into the "Racing Hall of Fame". The artwork was done by artist Sam Savitt. Who selected his favorite 13 horses from the 55 racehorses that were in the "Hall of Fame" as of 1969.

When my dad brought the puzzle home. The family was excited and eager to put the jigsaw puzzle together. I can remember that it took awhile. But with help from all the family members. Plus my good friend Howard. We were successful in putting the puzzle together. It was a real team effort.

Sadly this nice piece of horse racing art was never framed or displayed. And over time and after a few moves. Our Horse Racing "Hall of Fame" puzzle was lost.

Being forever a hopeless romantic. I formed a desire to locate this puzzle. To finish it. And to keep it as a keepsake.

During the Summer of 2009 I found and purchased the puzzle on Ebay. It sat in my closet in my bedroom until last Saturday, March 5th. When I finally started to finalize a dream. The reconstruction went well. Saying that. On Sunday I was ready to give up. Thinking that there must be some pieces missing. That getting this puzzle mounted and frame wasn't going to happen!

Happily I was wrong. Last night I stayed up to 11 pm. As I started to find pieces. That I thought were missing for sure. Then when I got home from work today. The final pieces where inserted into place. With the final piece being into place at 3:50 PM.

Honored and featured on this puzzle are; Sysonby, Colin, Old Rosebud, Exterminator, Man O' War, Equipoise, Count Fleet, Citation, Tom Fool, Native Dancer, Swaps, Nashua, Kelso.

My dream come true is going to the framing shop on Friday.

The top picture is of the final part of the story. The 1969 Horse Racing "Hall of Fame" puzzle beautifully framed and hanging on a wall in our home.