Monday, August 27, 2012

Part 2- My Favorite Racehorses

Now I will start part 2 of this blog. Where I will try and recount. From the perspective of a horse racing fan. Some of my all time favorite racehorses.

I was around the racetrack during a magical time in the history of the sport. The superstars, the charters and the one of kind equine stars. Which made the "Sport Of Kings". The most exciting spectator sport of them all. I was there. I lived it! I was witness and a fan of these great horses. Most of which will never be back again. It was a monumental time in the world of horse racing and of sports!

I will present these special equine racehorses in chronological order.

Who Jordan's Dad?

My last post in section one of my blog. Was a very happy memory for me. As it included one of my best days every gambling at the racetrack. It also represented the most money I ever won. Gambling on one of the horses racing from our barn.

Who Jordan's Dad was a very nice racehorse. That came into our barn. He was owned by one of our good American owners, Ingrid Parker from Florida.

Like a lot of horses that came into our barn. Who Jordan's Dad was tired, frustrated and unhappy living the life of a racehorse. It is not an easy life. The work is hard. Racing can be a very dangerous sport. To the competing equine athletes, and to there human counterparts. The stress level runs high on the horses and jockeys that compete at the track. Also the rewards can be minimal.

With some genuine tender loving care. This tall and lanky gelding started to train like a good horse. Who Jordan's Dad was ready to race and win again.

I remember that "Who Jordan's Dad" was touted as being a turf horse. However he had run some decent races on the main track as well.

We ran Who Jordan's Dad in an allowance race on the turf. Jockey Dave Penna rode Jordan in this race. The race came up tough. Who Jordan's Dad finished in the middle of the pack. But Jordan didn't get beat all that far. Also Dave Penna did not ride "Who Jordan Dad" all out as Dave was a smart rider.Dave never abused the horse. When Dave determined Who Jordan's Dad was not going to finish in the first 4.

Who Jordan's Dad would start back in a $25,000 claiming race at 1 mile & 1/16 on the main track. Ten days later. Oddly enough. Dave Penna did not ride Who Jordan's Dad in this much easier race. Dave instead decided to ride a horse named "Growing Empire". The replacement jockey would be are all time winiest rider, Irwin Driedger. I will be featuring Irwin Driedger. In my all time favorite rider section. To come!

The crowd in attendance that summer day at Woodbine totally ignored Who Jordan's Dad's chances of winning this race. As they sent Jordan off at odds of 22 to 1. I personally loved his chances. I was never a big gambler. But on this day. I made a huge wager for me. As I bet, $50 to win, and $50 to place on Jordan.

I wish I had the video of this race to post. Like always Irwin Driedger rode a very smart stalking race on "Who Jordan's Dad". Irwin hung to an inside trip. Made a huge move on Jordan when they reached the quarter pole. Made the lead which was kept in tact. Even a late determined bid by "Growing Empire" was turned away by Irwin and Who Jordan's Dad.

I was a very happy guy in the winner circle on this day. With those winning mutual tickets. Burning a hole in my pocket! Thanks to Irwin and Who's Jordan Dad for this great memory!

A great day at the track! Beats a good day anywhere else!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Princess On Ice

Part one of my horse racing blog is coming to it's end. I have two more horses to remember that were proud memories of the Sheldon Wolfe Racing Stable.

Hard trying, and run all day. Princess On Ice was the last good horse my father had in the Sheldon Wolfe Racing Stable, during his training career.

Princess On Ice was claimed by my dad for the Schmidt's. This very nice filly was the last good horse they also enjoyed in there horse racing career as owners. We enjoyed a lot of great times with the Schmidt's. They were excellent racehorse owners. Also they supported our stable quite a lot, and sent many other very good clients in our direction. Sadly all good things have to come to an end.

I can remember Princess On Ice being a very nice a well mannered filly. My dad contributed to Princess On Ice being a very successful racehorse. For the fact that she was not doing that well in sprint races, and struggling in the stable we claimed her from. My dad changed her running style and put her into route races. Which turned around her career. Princess On Ice won 4 races for the Sheldon Wolfe Stable. Two of the races were at 1 mile & 1/16. The other race was won at the 1 1/8 mile and at 1 mile & 1/4 distance.

I have included the wins Princess On Ice contributed to the fun we enjoyed. Competing in "The Sport Of Kings".