Thursday, September 17, 2009

Marvin Wolfe

Just found this wonderful photo of our amazing feline friend. Who was part of the Wolfe Family and horse racing operation for 20 years

The story of the Sheldon Wolfe Racing stable. Could not be complete without featuring a most important and valuable member of the Wolfe Team. Our barn cat "Marvin". In the mid 1980's back in the good old days. We use to winter horses at Woodbine Racetrack. They don't allow that practice anymore.

It was back in the year 1983. That trainer Tommy Danks had horses stabled in the same barn as us for the winter, barn 9A. Mary Karry was working for Tommy Danks at that time. Mary owned a very nice cat she had named Marvin. We did ask Mary. Why did she name her white and tabby colored cat Marvin? Mary answer was, "because he always Starvin"! "That's Why"!

During the course of that winter. We all got to know Marvin very well. He was very friendly and intelligent. Marvin use to be a regular in our stable office. Also Marvin had started to bond with my mother. As she was getting to enjoy his regular visits.

Then the winter came to an end and it was time for the Tommy Danks horses to move back to there regular barn located on the east side of Woodbine. They moved, and we were sad to see Marvin go. As we all had become very fond of him. However when we arrived at the barn the following morning. To our surprise a beautiful white and tabby colored cat was sitting at our office waiting for us to arrive. It was Marvin! The cat had come back! Yes Marvin was no ordinary ally cat. Mary did come to take him back to her barn. But the next morning. Marvin was back in the Wolfe Barn yet again. Mary came back once more. But she said this would be her last trip. If Marvin came back again, he would be our cat. Well Marvin had made his choice. The next morning Marvin was officially the Wolfe Stable mascot. He would remain a loyal and fantastic member of the Wolfe family to his death in 2005.

Yes Marvin was a very special cat. He was more like a human, then most humans are. He was very proud, confident and was a gentleman. Marvin was also very strong, resilient and brave. He was the toughest cat at Woodbine. He never lost any cat fight he was ever in. There was never a person that met Marvin that didn't like him. Even people that didn't like cats. Marvin would quickly win them over. With his magnificent green eyes, and his charismatic personality.

I always said; "yes you could beat the Wolfe stable horses. But Marvin could never be beat"!

Another great photo discovered today of our great feline friend named Marvin!