Wednesday, October 28, 2009

No One Bushling- Speed to Burn

No One Bushing, pronounced "Number One Bushing" was one of the best racehorses that was part of The Sheldon Wolfe Racing Stable. She was owned by prominent racehorse owner, Saul Wagman and his partner Chester Waxman.

When No One Bushing was a two year old. She was a very impressive racehorse on the Woodbine circuit. When she entered the Wolfe stable as a 4 year old, she was all burned out. It was now up to the Wolfe Stable to try and give No One Bushing a new lease on life. That we did and she also put a new lease into all of our lives.

I never looked after her as her groom. But this very attractive and kind female racehorse was a barn favorite with everyone. If she would of been a human being. No One Bushing would of looked like; Marilu Henner or Ann Margret. Also she had the beauty of her personality going for her. That of a perfect lady.

This perfect lady was also a very talented athlete. As we use to say at the track. She had speed to burn!!! For No One Bushing had a graceful quick stride and lots of will to win! With any talented athlete. Winning is everything and losing. Is the end, to end all.

Now I will describe to anyone that reads this blog. What it was like to watch "No One Bushing" race, and win! As far back as I can remember. No One Bushing was never beaten racing at Greenwood Raceway, at the 4 and 1/2 furlong distance. Sadly this fan favorite track doesn't exist anymore. Where Greenwood once proudly stood. Near the intersection of Coxwell and Queen Street by the shores of Lake Ontario. It has now been converted to another tacky Toronto neighborhood. Full of overpriced real estate.

O.K. Daryl Wells lets bring back the fun of seeing and enjoying a No One Bushing winning race. The date is March 24, 1984. The track conditions are a little muddy and Robbie King Jr. is piloting No One Bushing for the first time. Daryl "There at the post! There off! That No One Bushing reaching for the lead. No One Bushing has has a two length lead in the run down the back strength. Turning for home that is No One Bushing in front by a good margin. The winning margin would be 2 and 1/2 lengths on this day.

This talented a quick Miss, always made winning a race look so easy. No One Bushing would leave the starting gate like she was a quarter horse and not a Thoroughbred. For "No One Bushing" knew how important a flawless start of a race was.In a winning a sprint race. There would be no room for error. No One Bushing would control the run down the back strength. Then would open her lead up rounding the far turn and coast home to victory with some speed left to spare.

Classy and professional No One Bushing will always be fondly remembered as as one of the Wolfe's stable most prolific and swiftest ladies!