Thursday, December 4, 2014

Dennis The Menace!

One of the best riders who rode for the Sheldon Wolfe Racing stable. Was Jim Pantina. My dad met and became great friends with Jim as he took one of horses to winter race in New York City during the winter of 1982. Jim at that time was one of the top exercise riders working on the prestigious New Racing Circuit.My dad convinced Jim to move up to Toronto and work for the Sheldon Wolfe Barn to try and get rich and famous working together at Woodbine.

Jim was a real pleasure to work with. His wonderful sense of humor. Is one one of the fond memories of working with him. Laughter is one of the pleasures that keeps us going through the day to day grind of working and trying to survive in this world! Between Jim and my Dad. It was always a fun day at the barn!

Jim was the last exercise rider to get on the great racehorse "Forego" Through the on-line world. I recently got back in touch with Jim. Jim is now living and working in Lexington, Kentucky. During a recent conversation. We starting to reminisce about "Denis The Menace" are great horse "Truth of It All" who was Champion two year old in Canada, in 1992. Jim and his girlfriend Susan went to Hurstland Farm to see Denis. Happy to report Denis is still alive and well at age 24. I want to share with everyone. The great photos Jim took of Truth of It All!

The top photo appeared in the dally racing form. After "Truth of All" arrived at Churchill Down located in Louisville Kentucky. To prepare for an run in the 1993 Kentucky Derby.

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